• Lampasas Cleaner's household services enables you to clean bedding, fine linens, window coverings and other household items to perfection and odor free! Our environmentally friendly detergents are gentler on your household items cleaning thoroughly and removing all the odor.  In the Hill Country climate, it’s important to maintain clean household linens to reduce allergens. So rest easy, from bed linens to tablecloths, our cleaning professionals will handle your items with care.

  • How We Process the Order

    1. We inspect every sheet & bedspread for stains and check for tears.
    2. We then apply a miniature barcode to each household item to track the garment.
    3. The garment is described in detail in our Advanced Computer System.
    4. The garment is then sent through the specified Launder or Dry Cleaning process.
    5. Each sheet or bedspread is then put into a complementary zip storage bag.
    6. Once your order is complete, a TEXT or EMAIL is sent to your mobile device notifying you that your order is ready!